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I'm a Manhattan-based photographer originally from Spring Hill, FL. After receiving a BFA in Acting from Florida State in 2011, I moved to the city to pursue a career on stage. Living in this big, beautiful, but very humbling city has shaped and redirected my main avenue of storytelling from acting to photography, and I just feel incredibly grateful to be doing what I do. 

Take a look around - reach out here if you have any questions! 


I'm located on the corner of Haven Ave & 170th st in Washington Heights, right down the street from New York-Presbyterian Hospital. I shoot home studio! The most convenient train station is the 168th (1) (A) (C).

Studio Rates

Headshot Package - $500
An ideal session for anyone needing to update their legit/commercial headshots. 
••• Package basics;
   ≈ 1.5 hours of shoot time 
  • private online gallery 
  • (4) looks
  • (2) backdrop colors
  • (2) retouched images
  • a full download of all your images

Portrait Package - $650
This is geared toward the person that needs "a whole lot of everything". We'll grab headshots, full-body editorials, whatever we need. This package is the most flexible.
••• Package basics;
   ≈ 2.5 hours of shoot time 
  • private online proof gallery 
  • no "look limit"
  • (3) backdrop colors
  • multiple lighting setups
  • (13) final images
      •• (3) retouched images
      •• (10) color-corrected images
Proofs from this package are not permitted to be downloaded, posted, or printed.

Student Package- (contact me for current rate)
The student package provides young actors the opportunity to capture legit/commercial headshots as well as an "editorial style" look.
••• Package basics;
   ≈ 2 hours of shoot time
  • private online proof gallery 
  • no "look limit"!
  • (2) backdrop colors
  • headshot & editorial lighting setups
  • (8) final images
      (2) retouched images
      (6) color-corrected images 
Proofs from this package are not permitted to be downloaded, posted, or printed
This package is reserved for individuals currently attending university. 

• Additional edited photos  || retouched photo - $40 || color-corrected photo - $15
• RUSH edit || 48 hour turnaround time - $40
• Makeup artist || rates range from $150 - $175

Current Colors

Check out my backdrops! I also left a color wheel with some basic color theory reminders.

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

Frequently Asked Questions

• What's the difference between a "retouched" and a "color - corrected" image?

Retouching a photo includes cleaning up blemishes, softening contours, smoothing skin, fixing stray hairs, etc. This is the "detail work" typically desired in a lead headshot / a photo that will be printed. 

A "color correction" deals in larger strokes - think of it more like setting the mood and colors of the image. Retouched photos are also color corrected.

• Can I bring a friend to my session?

Sorry! Due to Covid 19, clients are not permitted to bring guests to their session.

• How long will it take to get my photos after we shoot?

Clients will receive an email with their proof gallery within 4 business days of their photo session. Final images are delivered 2 - 3 weeks after a client submits their edit selection.

• Do I get to keep all of my photos?

It depends on the package! Check the package details to see how many "final images" are delivered.

• Can I post or print from my proof gallery?

Images in a proof gallery are for selection purposes only.  Please do not share, save or print from a proof gallery.

• How long will I have access to my proof gallery? Can I purchase more photos at a later date?

Absolutely! Clients retain access to a proof gallery for 6 months. Feel free to make another selection at any time and share it with me!  Pricing for additional work can be found under "Studio Rates".

• I need an image very soon! Can I expedite an edit?

Yes! $40 for a 48-hour turnaround.

• I'm not seeing a package that fits what I'm looking for. Do you offer custom packages?

Yes! For all other inquires, please feel free to message me through the contact me tab!

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