Mike Petrie, Jr

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Mike is a Manhattan-based portrait photographer specializing in headshots and personal branding. He has a background in theatre, so he approaches studio work like he would the rehearsal process - by being present and facilitating a safe, fun environment for collaboration.

Mike's studio is located in his apartment on Haven Ave & 170th ST in Washington Heights. The most convenient train station is the 168th ST (1) (A) (C).

Take a look around - reach out here if you have any questions! 

Studio Rates

Headshot Mini Package - ($300)
On a budget? Just need a 1 look option? Here it is!
••• Package basics;    
≈ 45 minutes of shoot time  
• 1 look (1 backdrop)
1 retouched headshot included
a full download of your entire session

Headshot Package 1 - ($525)
An ideal session for updating a legit & commercial headshot. 
••• Package basics;
   ≈ 1.5 hours of shoot time 
  • 4 looks (up to 3 backdrops)
  • 2 retouched headshots included
  • a full download of your entire session

Student Package - ($550)
The student package allows young actors to capture legit/commercial headshots and a  'creative portrait' that can be geared toward modeling, brand or simply adding depth to the audition portfolio.
••• Package basics;
   ≈ 2 hours of shoot time
  •  4 looks (up to 3 backdrops)
       • 3 headshot looks
       • 1 full body/creative portrait look
  •  4 edits included
       • 2 retouched headshots
       • 2 retouched 'creative portraits'
       • a full download of your entire session

Portrait Package 1 - ($500)
For anyone needing 'creative portraits' for their brand. Whether we're talking about social accounts, a website, or an audition portfolio, having a variety of images on hand is always a bonus. We can take full-length photos, body shots, fashion digitals, etc. There isn't a headshot option for this package.
••• Package basics;
    ≈ 1.5 hours of shoot time
   • 4 looks (up to 2 backdrops)
   • 5 retouched 'creative portraits' included
   • a full download of your entire session

Portrait Package 2($725)
This is geared toward the person that needs "a whole lot of everything". We'll grab headshots, full-body portraits, whatever we need. This package is the most flexible.
••• Package basics;
   ≈ 2.5 hours of shoot time 
  • 6 looks (up to 3 backdrops)
  • 10 edits included
     • 3 retouched headshots
     • 7 retouched 'creative portraits'
     • a full download of your entire session

• Additional retouched headshots are $40 an image
• Additional retouched creative portraits are $15 an image
• RUSH edit || 48 hour turnaround time - $40
• Makeup artist || rates range from $150 - $175

Current Backdrop Colors

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• What should I wear to my shoot? Can you help with selecting my "look"?

Preparing the right clothing combo (your 'look') is the first step toward a successful session. Think about your style, your brand, and where you plan on using your photos. For example, “I’m an actor that needs headshots for theatre” or “I’m a model that needs more images for social media” are great answers… but keep digging. The more specific we can be on goals and our target audience the more I can cater our session to serve your vision. Think of adjectives to describe your look. Find inspiration online to support your ideas. Bring several look options with you, but be deliberate with your choices (we don’t want you packing your entire closet in a suitcase 😅).

• Can I bring a friend to my session?

I've found over the years that having an entourage can sometimes distract or add another layer of performance tension. For those reasons as well as a few others (covid, working in a smaller home studio, etc). I ask clients to please come solo for their shoot. That being said, your comfort is important to me! Feel free to reach out if you have any concerns.

• Can we take full body photos during a headshot session?

Headshot sessions are reserved for headshots. Any other types of portraiture that you may need I've dubbed as a "creative portrait" to avoid any confusion. Please check your current package details to see if there is a "creative portrait" option.

• How long will it take to get my photos after we shoot?

Clients will receive an email with their download gallery within 5 business days of their photo session.

Retouched images are delivered 2 weeks after a client submits their selection.

• How long are my images available for download?

I can only guarantee download access to your images for one year. Please download your images asap. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me.

• Can I purchase more retouched images at a later date?

Absolutely! If we've shot within the last year, feel free to make another selection and share it with me!  Pricing for additional work can be found under "Studio Rates".

• Can I add a filter or edit my images?

The short answer - I would prefer you did not.

You're more than welcome to give me a note or start a discussion with me but let's keep it collaborative!     

• I need an image very soon! Can I expedite an edit?

Yes! $40 for a 48-hour turnaround.

• Where should I get my photos printed?

In order to get the most accurate colors, correct exposure, and proper finish on your photos, head to a proper print lab - not FedEx or Staples. Quick Color Custom has always been my first choice for prints.

• I'm not seeing a package that fits what I'm looking for. Do you offer custom packages?

Yes! For all other inquires, please feel free to message me through the contact me tab!

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